Server Hardware

Ample CPU and Hard drive volumes for your server

We have engineered a variety of dedicated hosting servers using the latest top–notch equipment on the market. You are able to pick between top–range Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Opteron processor chips with six or 12 cores. For your permanently growing storage requirements, we offer a number of Hard disk resource allocations. At the same time, we deliver Gigabit system online connectivity to guarantee the ultimate data processing quickness for your websites and applications.


A Choice of Control Panels

Decide on your favored Control Panel

With us, you can certainly decide on your favourite Web Control Panel. You are able to select cPanel, the most widely used hosting Control Panel. You may decide our Web Control Panel, a a lot quicker and more intuitive alternative to cPanel. Or perhaps even you can select DirectAdmin for its many different plug–ins. With each Control Panel, you will enjoy a license to handle unrestricted domain names and Internet websites.


CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

Decide on your Linux OS

Signing up with us brings you a number of dedicated hosting server setups and OS’s. All you have to do is find the dedicated hosting server that meets your requirements and then we’ll deploy it for you together with the Linux distribution that you like. You are able to select from a number of OS’s on the signup page – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. At the same time, we’ll install our in–house made Web Control Panel on your dedicated hosting server for free.


A State–of–the–Art Data Center

A top–class data center in downtown Chicago Illinois

We are collaborating with a standards–leading US datacenter, which is positioned in the downtown area of Chicago. It gives wonderful security for your dedicated hosting server, together with 24 hours on–site monitoring units. In addition, the probability of failures resulting from disasters is substantially lowered. Also, the Steadfast data center is based in the proximity of a communications centre and delivers an adequate network capacity in addition to reduced latency links to the West and East Coasts.


Full Root Access

Full root and SSH access to your dedicated hosting server

The full root and SSH access to the server allows you to manage your server. You will be able to manage many different websites and third party web apps, make use of it as a video game server, and much more. With us, you’ll have full root access to your dedicated hosting server and will have the opportunity to deploy and host anything you need. In addition, we give you Secure Shell connection to connect with your server properly and to conduct Linux command word functions.



Countless 100% free bonus products with your dedicated hosting server

A dedicated hosting server boasts a perfect tradeoff between total price and functions. At Host-Crunch Web Hosting, relocating to a dedicated hosting server is simple and gives you an exceptional number of free bonuses to begin with. You will receive a zero cost Web Control Panel offered in numerous languages where you are able to run limitless domains. Furthermore, your web server comes equipped with as many as three dedicated IPs, a help and support and charging software application setup, a domain reseller account, etcetera. If you need advice operating your server – do consider the Admin Services offer.


No Setup Fees

We don’t charge you for server setup

Getting a dedicated hosting server to work may be a lengthy experience. It includes setting the necessary equipment pieces, configuring the Operating System, and testing the server, and so on. Because of this, almost all dedicated hosting sellers will charge you for server setup the minute you signup.

At Host-Crunch Web Hosting, we have adopted a different strategy. We will never bill you a single penny above the announced value. There will be no charges for putting together your server and we won’t bill you anything for the server to be working properly either.

  • Service guarantees

  • Our dedicated hosting servers are setup for you absolutely free. Root and SSH access. No–cost Control Panel included.
  • Compare our prices

  • Look into the capabilities and prices and decide on the best dedicated server for your ever–growing websites.
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  • Contact Us

  • We will be online for you continuously to respond to all questions regarding Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s dedicated hosting servers. The response time is maximum 1 hour.
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