Complete insulation from the other clients

If you are searching to get a more cost–effective option to upgrade to some more powerful website hosting service, Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s VPS hosting are just the answer you are looking for.

With Host-Crunch Web Hosting, you can be the master of your own web hosting server and will not have to divide it with anyone. You’ve got the very same independence that you’ll have with a dedicated server. With complete root admission, you’ll be able to to modify and adjust whatever you need and also add almost any software that you choose.

If anything occurs with your files, we’re going to restore the whole Virtual Private Server from a backup

Full root/administrator access

With a VPS, you have total root access for your website hosting environment and will be able to change almost any configuration settings on the server as well as reboot it when you need.

This makes you at liberty to add web apps that generally can’t be added when using a regular hosting account. Furthermore, you can make your own personal video clip sharing website, alternatively have a media–heavy web site with video clip converting capabilities.

And when you need assistance dealing with your server, you’ll be able to make use of the Admin Servicespackage, which features regular OS updates, software installation operations, server rebooting, tracking, trouble–shooting operations and more.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting or Virtuozzo VPS Hosting?

With us, you’ll be able to pick from 2 basic types of VPS web servers – Virtuozzo and OpenVZ VPS web hosting servers.

The main difference between the aforementioned is the virtualization technology employed in the backend. The Virtuozzo VPS Hosting are based on the Virtuozzo technology and and work with the Virtuozzo Power Panel. Virtuozzo is a commercial technology, which explains the more expensive renting price of the Virtuozzo VPS servers. Still, the Virtuozzo Power Panel is much more superior as opposed to the admin panels pre–installed with other VPSs.The OpenVZ VPS Hostingrely on the modern OpenVZ virtualization technology and are bundled with the SolusVM admin panel, that’s open–source.

Both the Virtuozzo and the OpenVZ VPSs are equipped with SSD drives, various Operating Systems, total root admission, routine off–site backups and also Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s zero cost Web Control Panel delivering endless domain hosting options.

Several data center alternatives

We work in collaboration with Data Centers all over the globe – in the USA, in the UK as well as in Australia. And you can purchase your individual Virtual Private Server in each of the latter.

Each data center is amongst the top–rated ones in its region and gives good connectivity to the rest of the world. Plus, you will find an outstanding internal network depending on Juniper routers and switches so we provide a 99.9% network uptime warranty.

And the best part is no matter which data center you select, the prices and the characteristics the VPS Hosting will remain identical.

You’ll have more server features than you have paid for

The VPS Hosting will offer much more assets than you have paid for.

Because of a distinctive virtualization technology, your web server is going to be absolutely insulated by the various other user account holders on the same server, so that you can make use of all the resources that have been allotted to you. Then, the RAM resources which are unused on the server will be available to you to use any time you arrive at your resource limits.

As an example, if your VPS offers 512 MB of RAM memory, you’ll yet be able to use the free RAM resources which are available at the master server.


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