A top–tier US datacenter

With Host-Crunch Web Hosting, you’re going to like all the features of the cutting–edge data center, that is found in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. The data center is operated by Steadfast Networks – a top IT company in the U.S.A., which provides a perfect physical environment to have the servers in action day–and–night.

All the web hosting servers in the US datacenter are built with the most up–to–date hardware components, and are attached to a well–built internal network according to Juniper routers and switches.

A fully backed–up network

The US datacenter delivers 100% network redundancy. Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s network is based on Juniper routers and switches, and on modified software, and the data center’s engineers employ Cisco–powered products. The network is entirely meshed as well as redundant with the help of a multitude of important backbone suppliers.

This particular efficiently devised network installation allows us to offer a 99.9% network uptime warranty with all of Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s hosting services –shared hosting packages, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and dedicated web hosting.

Superior route selection

The US datacenter has built an incredible peering network, which incorporates some of the main network service providers in the United States, for instance Layer(3), NTT and nLayer. For optimum route choice and instant failover functions, the data center’s administrators take advantage of the Border Gateway BC Protocol.

By result of the remarkable route choice, we’re able to offer blazing–fast connection rates not only across the USA, but additionally worldwide. Therefore, if you host your web sites within our US datacenter, your websites are going to perform noticeably faster than before from any location.


A 99.9% network uptime warranty

A team of experienced techs is on–site round–the–clock to take care of and monitor the web hosting server network in order to provide an amazing 100% network uptime. By supplying top–class hardware on Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s servers, we’re able to ensure a 99.9% server uptime with each of the web hosting solutions.

In addition, our custom shared hosting system enables the server load to be distributed evenly among a group of machines, so your websites are not to go through unexpected service interruptions. We’ve furthermore developed a very tailored, Linux–based server Operating System, that permits us to add or take off different machines anytime without the need of inducing network outages.


Well looked after and reliable servers

Our personal server network consists of a multitude of web hosting servers, that are being checked twenty–four–seven. If something happens with a sole service on our servers, the intelligent notification system will directly let the server administrators find out. We’ve in addition designed an SMS notification system, which will inform our system administrators if the problem is not taken care of.

In the US datacenter we keep testing servers, production servers, backup servers, and, in addition administrative, spare and dedicated servers. On top of that, we have a couple of master VPS machines plus several semi–dedicated servers.

  • Hosting Services

    • SD-1

    • Semi-dedicated Hosting
    • $40.00

      (per month)

    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Affordable Domains
    • Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)
    • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
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    • Premier

    • Dedicated Servers
    • $365.00

      (per month)

    • 2x Opteron 4170 HE 2.1 GHz (12 cores) CPU
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 4 x 500 GB Hard Drive(s)
    • Affordable Domains
    • 3 IP Address(es)
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