Admin Services


Monitoring & Rebooting

Server managing is a huge duty for newbie VPS end users – you need to check how your server is doing, to determine if it is overloaded, to check if all the services are performing correctly. It is a task that needs constant attention, and you most likely don’t have time to optimally handle this. By reason of this we offer that we take care of the work instead of you. If you take advantage of our Admin Services offer, we will be keeping a constant eye on your VPS and all the tasks running on it. Thus, you will have much more time for your web sites or applications.


Weekly Backups

Backing up a Linux Virtual Private Server is not the easiest mission on earth. You will either have to use some other server or your home computer, or, alternatively arrange a 3rd–party solution. We offer a far simpler and easier alternative with our Admin Services offer. We will create a complete backup of your Virtual Private Server once a week, so you never need to worry about losing key info. Plus, we can retrieve a backup very fast. All our backups are placed on a special server with a RAID array of hard disk drives, so if anything goes wrong with any part of your stored web content, we’ve got you covered.


Installation & Troubleshooting

Using a Linux Virtual Private Server, you will have complete freedom to install any script or service on your server. Still, some scripts are harder to run and may require some extra configuration on your part. That is where our Admin Services offer can come in real handy. It includes 30 minutes of installation & trouble–shooting duties – this means that you will be able to literally employ one of our professional server admins for 30 minutes and have him assist you with the installation process of any kind of software application that you desire. Or have him solve an issue that you’re having with your Virtual Private Server.

The Admin Services package comes bundled with most of our OpenVZ Linux Virtual Private Servers and is an add–on for our Virtuozzo Linux Virtual Private Servers.

Available with all Virtual Private Servers


$130.00 (per month)

  • 7 GHz CPU
  • 4608 MB RAM
  • 120 GBDisk Space
  • AffordableDomains
  • 2 IP Address(es)


$45.00 (per month)

  • 2.5 GHz CPU
  • 2048MB RAM
  • 36GBDisk Space
  • AffordableDomains
  • 2 IP Address(es)

Base VPS

$24.00 (per month)

  • 0.8 GHz CPU
  • 1024MB RAM
  • 10GBDisk Space
  • AffordableDomains
  • 1 IP Address(es)

Regular VPS

$38.40 (per month)

  • 1.8 GHz CPU
  • 1536 MB RAM
  • 20 GBDisk Space
  • AffordableDomains
  • 1 IP Address(es)
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